Meet Quay Mack

My journey as a skills/movement trainer started in 2015 when I began training Darren Waller of the Las Vegas Raiders. However, I found my passion for helping and training athletes at a young age.

I made some poor decisions later on in college that lead me to come back home and it was then that I decided to create my own platform to help kids and young athletes improve their performance, movement and athletic ability. I made some mistakes as a young athlete, but I am determined to use my story to inspire the youth.

I work primarily with kids ages 11-18, with a concentration in both wide receivers and tight ends, to increase their potential both on and off the field. My experience includes, but is not limited to, football, lacrosse, soccer and baseball. I am fully confident that I can help any athlete, no matter what sport you play.

Whether you are just walking onto the field for the first time, or you have been playing your entire life, I am here to help you progress! Not only do I enjoy skills training, I take pride in coaching players off the field as well.

I am driven by the passion to help athlete succeed. Together, we’ll create the results you never thought were possible. I genuinely care about my clients, and fully invest myself in each individual to create long lasting changes to your life. My goal is to have the most positive impact that I can on the lives of the people that I work with.

“We love Coach Quay’s training style! He gives the same level of commitment to all athletes, regardless of experience, age or notoriety. He was worked with our son for a few years and we have been extremely pleased with his expertise. You definitely get what you pay for and more with Coach Quay! Technique and attitude is life!!”

– Reggie’s grandmother

“Here is a testimony…I’ve been around football, coaching, and training for 35+ years. Quay is easily one of the best trainers at any position that I’ve ever witnessed. His knowledge of the game, ability to teach, have skill specific drills, and speak the language of accountability and encouragement is extremely rare. My son has been training with him for only 4 months and his improvements have not only made him a better WR, but a better competitor and overall football player. Quay is the real deal and the type of man I want investing in my son”

-Luis Espino

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